How it Works

Our Cafe-To-Go is all about bringing delicious food and beverage options to you and your family while we stay at home to stop the spread.
Meal kits, snacks, wine, local beers and ciders are easy to order.  Just make sure they are ordered at least 2 hours before the start of the pickup or delivery period. 
Pick-up and Delivery follows our COVID-19 Protection Policy and is available Wednesday to Sunday:
  • Pick-up: noon- 2pm
  • Delivery: 2-4pm (within a maximum distance of 15 km from Duntroon Highlands). *Please note, the cafe is closed on Monday and Tuesday, please do not select delivery for those days. Thank you!
We also believe it is important to help those without a home.  For every 10 purchases, we'll donate $20 to Home Horizon in Collingwood in support of their Youth Homelessnes efforts.  
Here's how easy it is shopping at the Cafe-To-Go:
  1. Browse our online store meal kits, snacks, wine, local beers, ciders and more
  2. Select the items you want in your shopping cart.  You can also order Meal Kit items individually when you View All.
  3. Checkout once you're done shopping.  
  4. Along with your payment details, please choose if you want to do outdoor pick-up at the Clubhouse or get doorstep delivery.
  5. Pay for your order.  We require all purchases to be made by noon the day before you want to receive your purchase.
You'll then get an email confirming your purchase along with details about our COVID-19 Protection Policy.  Just in case you're wondering, we've included it below.
Happy and safe shopping!
Executive Chef Christina Sheardown and the rest of the Duntroon Highlands Team.
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COVID-19 Protection Policy:
PICK-UP orders:
  1. Please drive up to the Clubhouse at Duntroon Highlands at the designated pick-up time.  Directions.
  2. Park your car at an available marked pick-up spot
  3. Call us at 705-718-4911 to confirm you have arrived along with the name in which the order was made
  4. If you have ordered beer or wine, place your drivers license face-up on your dashboard and keep your windows rolled up
  5. Once we have checked your ID we will place your purchases in the gazebo.  All surfaces have been cleaned with wipes prior.
  6. You're welcome to get out of your car and pick-up your purchases once we've left the area.
DELIVERY orders:
  1. We will call you once we have arrived at your place.
  2. Please come outside and put your ID on our car windshield so we can confirm the name of the person on the order.
  3. Once we give you the thumbs up walk back into your house.
  4. We will get out of our car and place your purchases at your doorstep
All food is handled using gloves and follows National Golf Course Owners Association of Canada Guidelines.
If you have any questions call us at: (705) 445-3554
Thank you for shopping at Duntroon Highlands Cafe.